Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament September 8, 2007
THANK YOU to all of our Texas Hold’Em players, sponsors, donors and volunteers for sharing our hope of finding a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).

As one of the country’s top researchers said recently; “Not only are the answers to cure DMD on the horizon, they are now right in front of us.” We are in a race to the finish line, and your support of the Texas Hold’Em Poker Tournament and the Ryan’s Hope Foundation is helping us to get there.

Our sincere appreciation to the generous sponsors of this year’s Ryan’s Hope Texas Hold’Em Poker Tournament, including:

Oliva’s Market
Bay State Poker
Panella’s Market
Natick Elks
Mary Nagles
The Busch Family
Paul & Debra Smith
Joe and Susan Maniscalco
United Way
Natick Dairy Queen
Todd Kirby
Casey’s Diner
David & Mary Louise Moore
Marge Hastings

Congratulations to Henry Orme (left) and Mike Hill, who shared first and second place winnings at the end of the evening!
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