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About Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)
The disease affects only young boys, with symptoms usually manifesting when the child is between the ages of three and five. DMD strikes approximately one in every 3500 boys worldwide.

Initially, children with the disease may appear normal, but their muscle cells soon begin to deteriorate due to a faulty gene that inhibits the production of dystrophin, an essential building block of healthy muscle. In the earliest stages, walking and running become increasingly difficult. Ultimately, the child suffers a slow and painful deterioration of most of the muscles of the body.

Respiratory and cardiac complications usually take the life of the child before the age of 20. To date, there is no treatment or cure for these boys. Research is the key. Breakthroughs in understanding the disease through genetic therapy, immunology, stem cell technology and pharmacological therapies will lead to newer, progressive treatments and the ultimate defeat of this ominous disease.

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